Furniture & objects

 We specialize in rare and eclectic, old and vintage furniture and objects from across Europe, often of grand scale and with a twist. Our constantly changing stock is exhibited in our house caller Rooigem. An age-old moated courtyard house in the countryside. A few miles outside of medieval Bruges, and at our shop in the hip seaside resort of Knokke-Le-Zoute.


We decorate your house, room or any space residential or commercial. We offer you our creativity and original approach. Starting from a good concept and strong idea, a striking carpet, an imposing chimney, colourfull painting, quirky piece of furniture or just the client's wishes. We create your living or working area incorporating objects and furniture both of high and low provenance, vintage, antique or new blending with sofas, easy chairs, carpets and curtains.

Our style is characterized by originality and freshness, colour and fantasy, dimension and scale, avant-garde and timelessness, humour and anti-seriousness, warmth and cosiness, contrast and wonder, basic and rich.

Home Collection

Our collection consists mainly of sofas and easy chairs, all Belgium made. We also offer a unique selection of fabrics for upholstery, curtains and cushions and lamps made from antique and vintage vases which we match with hand sewn silk shades.